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A key to displaying firearms to potential customers, accessing them for testing or maintenance, or simply enjoying a collection is proper storage with easy accessibility. To that end many different types of gun racks have been developed and are available on this site. As with any valuable item, security is also a concern. A safe provides maximum security, but often leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to other needs. All of the gun rack designs sold on this site are intended to be used inside a secure room or for portable and/or temporary use where security is not a factor.

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Terms of Sale and Ordering Information

General Information on All Gun Racks

Designs As the 7.62x54r.net collection grew beyond a few firearms the need for inexpensive, durable, efficient storage became apparent. To that end a variety of gun rack designs were developed to serve different needs and are now available for sale. Over time the designs have been refined and expanded to include many options and sizes.

Fabrication The racks are built completely in house in a well equipped shop with traditional and CNC woodworking equipment. This allows the flexibility to create and produce custom gun rack designs in the same time frame and at the same pricing as standard designs. Each rack is sanded and assembled individually and inspected for any flaws before packing and shipping. The result is the best of both worlds with fast and efficient production and personal attention to quality and details. When delivered, all racks and components are ready for paint or stain at the customer's discretion with minimal touch up sanding. This semi-finished state keeps prices low and gives the cutomer unlimited finish options. Staining and sealing with tung oil is also available as an option. See below for more details.

Material The primary material used for the gun racks is 3/4" baltic birch plywood which has thirteen total veneers, or layers, which give it superior strength and stability over other types of plywood and an attractive pattern on the exposed edges. Baltic birch is light in color so it takes different color stains well and has few knots and a pleasing grain pattern. Sample pictures can be found below in the staining and sealing section. Hardwood boards are not suitable for many of the intricate cuts due to the tendency to split along the grain. A few designs do use dimensional lumber for the framework. While this limited choice of material may be a detriment when seeking a fancy display rack, it is an advantage during inventory control which helps keep prices low. Although 7.62x54r.net racks may not be considered "museum grade", the goal is to provide a sturdy and functional solution for firearm storage and display that won't break the budget.

As a compliment to the racks 3/4" wide self adhesive black felt is also available by the foot and is shipped in a roll for application by the customer.

Assembly and Mounting All racks come assembled as part of the base price. Permanent fastening is typically done with "pocket hole screws" for superior strength and with no visible fasteners from the top, sides, or front of the racks. Any connections which need to be disassembled for shipping are made with phillips head screws or cross dowels and connector bolts. The fasteners are included for reassembly by the customer upon delivery. All parts are labeled for reassembly and instructions are included when necessary. Mounting holes are not pre-drilled and hardware is not included for hanging wall mounted racks and brackets so the customer can chose the appropriate locations and fasteners for their particular application. Advice on mounting is available by e-mail with the purchase of a rack.

Staining and Sealing The racks sold by 7.62x54r.net are priced unfinished in order to save the customer money and allow them to chose the type and color of finish appropriate for their needs. Finishing is available as an option and all exposed surfaces are stained in the customers choice of color, and two coats of tung oil applied and hand rubbed. Standard colors, including tung oil with no stain, are shown below, with unfinished plywood for comparison. Optional colors shown here (first section, Minwax® Wood Finish™ only) are available for an additional $10.00 one time fee. When purchasing the staining and sealing option please specify the stain color by name. There is a $10.00 minimum finishing charge per order and at least 48 hours must be added to the production schedule for drying time. Tung oil is a traditional finish used on some firearm stocks that will compliment most collections.


Customers 7.62x54r.net shipped the first order in January 2008 and has since served customers in all 50 US states. Orders have been placed by firearm dealers for use in showrooms, in vaults, at gun shows and for tempory use while doing estate appraisals. Contractors have purchased them to fit out client's gun rooms and one US firearm manufacture uses L-brackets from 7.62x54r.net in its display/archive room. Another well-known manufacturer uses upright wall racks in its engineering department. Collectors are also important customers with needs from a few family heirlooms to large collections. Whatever your firearm storage needs, 7.62x54r.net is here to help.

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Terms of sale and ordering information - Please read

The current lead time from order to shipping is now five to six weeks. Thanks for your patience.

Shipping is by FedEx Ground with tracking and is not included in the rack prices. Shipping quotes provided on request (see below). FedEx requires a phone number and street address, no PO Boxes. Click here for a map showing approximate shipping time, not including production and packaging.

Shipping by USPS priority mail is available to Alaska and Hawaii. No shipments outside the United States.

$50 minimum order. Orders for less than $50, not including shipping, will incur a $5 handling fee in addition to shipping.

Payment by check or money order only, no credit cards or PayPal (due to their anti-firearm policies).

E-mail is preferred for conducting transactions so there is a clear record of any custom order requests and price quotes. It also takes time to obtain an accurate shipping cost and it is not feasible to do this over the phone. You will find no phone number on the web site. 7.62x54r.net is a lean company and this is the only way it can provide the level of service its customers expect and deserve.

To request a shipping quote and place an order please e-mail with your zip code and the list the items desired by quantity and part number, as well as notch style and spacing (if applicable) and finishing options desired. The total price with shipping will be quoted and if it is acceptable simply confirm your order by e-mail and send payment by check or money order to the snail mail address provided with your quote. You will be notifed when your payment arrives and a tracking number will be sent when the order is shipped. There is no automated online ordering system and each customer is given personal individual attention throughout the ordering process.

All gun racks are produced on an as-ordered basis. Additional time may be required if the staining and sealing option is selected. An estimated shipping date and transit time is provided with shipping quotes but may no longer be valid if the order is not confirmed in 24 hours.

Custom sizes and designs are available.
If you are interested in a custom rack or components send an e-mail with your zip code for shipping costs and a description of your needs. For example, "I would like an HRW type handgun rack with 11 total notches". Please be very specific with all dimensions. A drawing, if applicable, and price quote with shipping will be sent to you for confirmation, within 24 hours in most cases.

Whatever your firearm storage needs, 7.62x54r.net is here to help.

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