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After WWII the Soviet Union shared much of its weapons technology with its satellite countries, including the Mosin rifles and carbines. M44s were produced in the 1950s by Hungary and other than minor differences these follow the same pattern as the post war Soviet M44s.

For all models see the Mosin Nagant Rifle Specifications page.
Weight Over All
Cleaning Rod Length (approx.)
9 lbs.
4.1 kg.
101.6 cm.
20 1/4"
51.4 cm.
36 1/2"
92.7 cm.
.311" 16 1/2"
41.9 cm.
17 1/2"
44.5 cm.


Years of Production
For all models see the Mosin Nagant Rifle Years of Production page.
1952 to 1953


Barrel Markings
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Receiver Tang Markings
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02 and date


Round Low Wall Receiver
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For a detailed comparison of secondary receiver features please see the Mosin Nagant Rifle Receiver Variations page.



The Hungarian M44 utilizes sights identical to the later pattern Soviet M44. The rear sight base has a slight curve from the rear ending at a rounded area for the leaf pin and is a sleeve which fits around the barrel and is held in place with one pin at the rear. The graduations are marked on the top of the leaf from 1 to 10 representing hundreds of meters.
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The front sight base is a long sleeve which also incorporates the folding bayonet lug and is held in place with two pins, one at the rear of the sight base itself and one vertically at the bayonet lug. The forward section of the barrel is smaller in diameter forming a shoulder at the rear of the sleeve. The post and globe is the same type as the later wide Soviet assembly.

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Rear Sight Buttons

Coarse vertical lines

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Cleaning rod nut, tapered hole in front only, hole in top threaded to receive nose cap screw to aid in removing nut
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Sling Slots
Front Rear
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Hungarian front slings slots are approximately 1" closer to the butt than the other variations.


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Bayonet Lug and Socket M44baylatetop.JPG (4833 bytes) M44baylatefront.JPG (2945 bytes)


Cleaning Rods
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Hungarian rods typically match the Soviet rods, but are marked with an "02".

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