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The Civil Guard improved on the M27 with a stronger front barrel band and designated it the M28. These are marked on the barrel shank with SY, an abbreviation for Suojeluskuntain Yliesikunta (Civil Guard). Barrels were purchased from SIG and marked so under the woodline. They were also produced at Tikkakoski and marked on top with a T in a triangle. Some early rifles are found with two sling slots, one over the other, in the butt and are known as “ski troopers”. M28s are dated on the bottom of the barrel with 27, 28, or 29 in a small box.

For all models see the Mosin Nagant Rifle Specifications page.
Weight Over All
Cleaning Rod Length (approx.)
9 lbs.
4.1 kg.
46 3/4"
118.7 cm.
68.6 cm.
43 1/4"
109.9 cm.
.3095" 23 1/4"
59.1 cm.
24 3/8"
61.9 cm.


Years of Production by Arsenal
For all models see the Mosin Nagant Rifle Years of Production page.
SIG barrels assembled at SAKO Tikka
1928 to 1930 and 1933 1930 to 1933
M28s are not dated, but a small 2 digit date (27, 28, or 29) in a diamond on the underside of the barrel shank indicates the SIG barrel manufacture date


Barrel Markings
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SIG, mark below wood line
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Receiver Tang Markings

Finnish tang markings can be any Russian or Soviet marks, but are usually 1919 or earlier.


Stock Variations
one piece Russian stock with two rear sling slots, "ski trooper" 0069.jpg (95324 bytes)
one piece Russian stock with single rear sling slot 0012.jpg (88903 bytes)


Reused Russian Hex Receiver
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Sight Variations
The M28 rear sight is similar to the M27 and also utilizes a Russian M91 base and leaf assembly with modifications.  The base does not have an extra notch cut at the rear, retaining the standard five.  They are numbered 3, 4, 5 1/2, 7, and 8 1/2, representing hundreds of meters, on the right side of the base only.  An "M" is typically stamped at the extreme rear of the right side representing meters.  The left side may or may not have the original Russian numbers struck through.  The notch is a shallow U shape which is a separate piece screwed to the bottom of the leaf.  The original Russian marks in arshini remain on the rear of the blade.  The slide itself is a standard Russian M91.
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The front sight base has integral ears to protect the blade and is soldered to the barrel.  The blade is dovetailed across the bore axis into a secondary base which is dovetailed the length of the bore into the primary base and held in place with a set screw in front of the blade.
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This trigger has a small hole that serves no apparent purpose.  A mousetrap spring is added around the trigger pin.

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Early two piece nose cap Late one piece nose cap
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Sling Slots
Front Rear Rear "Ski Trooper"
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M28 stock reinforcing bushing at rear action screw, top and bottom view
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