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Mosin Nagant cleaning rods have many variations and it seems that no two are identical.  There are different lengths for different models and the rod diameter itself varies but the most noticeable difference is the style of heads. The typical shorter head comes in small and large diameters and is found on all models of Mosin Nagants except the M39. The elongated head is a Finnish design and was originally made for the M39. This type was also made in M91 (29") and M91/30 (26 1/4") lengths and is often found as a replacement on M27, M28, and M28/30s which are the same length as the M39 (24 3/8"). The rods with elongated heads have lots of variables other than the pattern of knurling such as different length holes, dimpled or rounded ends, and blued or "in the white". This allows many permutations and it seems that no two are exactly identical. Russian/Soviet rods were also cut down by the Finns to the 24 3/8" length and used on the M27, M28, and M28/30. Finnish and Russian/Soviet rods are both found on Finnish M91s.

Approximate cleaning rod lengths for different models:
M91 = 29" (73.7 cm.)
Dragoon, Cossack, and M91/30 = 26 1/4" (66.7 cm.)
M27, M28, M28/30, and M39 = 24 3/8" (61.9 cm.)
M38, M44, M91/59, M91/38, T53 = 17 1/2" (44.5 cm.)

Following are some general guidelines concerning the types of rods found on different models. Because of loss and replacement over the years a particular type may not be found on a particular model and it should not be considered "correct" or "incorrect" based on this information.

Rods with large diameter heads are found on M91s and Dragoons, both Russian and Finnish.
Rods with small diameter heads are found on M91/30s and carbines.
Fine knurling is found on earlier rifles and course knurling is found on later rifles. Medium knurling is mixed throughout.
Checked knurling is found on M91s and M91/38s (probably cut down from M91 rods).
Spiral knurling is found in all time periods, but more often early than late.
Rods with a groove around the head are found on Finnish rifles.
Elongated head rods are Finnish, generally on M39s, but also M91s, M91/30s, M27s, M28s, and M28/30s (replacements on the last three).
Small diameter rods with smooth heads are Chinese.
"Typical" (small diameter with straight medium knurling) carbine rods that are "in the white" are Polish.
Rods with an "02" mark are Hungarian.
Rods with an "arrowhead in a triangle" mark are Romanian.

The pictures are described by length of the head (short or elongated), diameter of the head (small or large), pattern of the knurling (straight, spiral, angled, smooth, or checked), and frequency of the pattern (fine, medium, or course). The rifle they are from is listed although the rod may not be original to the rifle and the type of rod might also be found on other models. The purpose of this is to indicate the length of the rod rather than define it's use. Anything more definitive than the general guidelines above would be speculation. [SA] marked non-Finnish models are so indicated.

rod001.JPG (4158 bytes)

short, small, straight, medium
1893 Chatellerault M91

rod003.JPG (5131 bytes)

short, large, straight, medium
1905 Izhevsk M91, [SA]

rod002.JPG (4685 bytes)

short, large, right hand spiral, medium
1900 Tula M91, [SA]

rod021.JPG (5006 bytes)

short, large, left hand spiral, medium
1935 Tula M91/30, [SA]

rod029.jpg (4684 bytes)

short, large, left hand spiral, fine
1915 NEW M91, [SA]
courtesy of "jfk"

Intentionally left blank
rod005.JPG (4767 bytes)

short, large, angled, fine
1928 Tula M91/30

rod004.JPG (4440 bytes)

short, large, smooth,
pinned (uncommon, probably Finnish)
1917 Sestroryetsk M91, [SA]

rod010.JPG (5060 bytes)

short, small, checked, medium
1914 Izhevsk M91/38

rod014.JPG (4864 bytes)

short, large, checked, medium
1926 Tikka M91

rod006.JPG (3878 bytes)

short, small, straight, fine
1944 Tula M44

rod007.JPG (4379 bytes)

short, small, straight, course
1945 Izhevsk M44

rod015.JPG (4194 bytes)

short, small, straight, medium,
with bevel (uncommon)
1944 Tikka M91/30

rod011.JPG (3541 bytes)

short, small, left hand spiral, medium,
with hole (probably atypical)
1944 Izhevsk M38

rod009.JPG (4079 bytes)

short, small, left hand spiral, medium
1904 Izhevsk M91/38

rod008.JPG (4035 bytes)

short, small, left hand spiral, course
1944 Tula M44

rod022.JPG (5436 bytes)

short, large, angled, medium,
with "double cut" (probably atypical)
1919 Izhevsk Dragoon, [SA]

rod016.JPG (5103 bytes)

short, large, left hand spiral, medium, with groove
1940 VKT M91

rod012.JPG (3839 bytes)

small, smooth
1955 Chinese T53
typical for this model

rod013.JPG (4665 bytes)

"in the white"
1955 Polish M44
typical for this model

rod020.JPG (4504 bytes)

elongated, checked, fine
1967 no maker M39

rod019.JPG (5015 bytes)

elongated, checked, course
1944 VKT M39

rod018.JPG (4511 bytes)

elongated, spiral, medium
No maker, no date M39

rod017.JPG (5021 bytes)

elongated, smooth,
brass (uncommon, probably Finnish)
1942 VKT/B Liege proofed M91

Elongated rod head variables
These have no apparent relationship to knurling patterns or each other and can be found in any combination.
rod023.JPG (3790 bytes)

slightly rounded end with no dimple

rod026.JPG (4792 bytes)

short hole cut straight through

rod024.JPG (4247 bytes)

"flat" end with dimple

rod027.JPG (4444 bytes)

long hole with tapers at ends

rod025.JPG (4254 bytes)

round end with dimple

rod028.JPG (5597 bytes)

long hole with taper at bottom end

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