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High Wall
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For a detailed comparison of secondary receiver features please see the Mosin Nagant Rifle Receiver Variations page.

Miscellaneous Parts
Early Bolt Body Late Bolt Body
Boltearly.JPG (4708 bytes) Boltlate.JPG (4469 bytes)
Early Bolt Head
long curved bolt body interface lug
Late Bolt Head
short square bolt body interface lug
bolthead01.JPG (9177 bytes) bolthead02.JPG (10596 bytes)
Early Cocking Knob
larger diameter with relief on bottom
Late Cocking Knob
smaller diameter with no relief on bottom
knobearly.JPG (2611 bytes) knoblate.JPG (2393 bytes)
Early cocking knob with serial number knobnumber01.JPG (9176 bytes)
Finnish blued bolt

(picture courtesy of JMKDEVCO)

FinnBlueBolt.jpg (74811 bytes)
Early one piece interrupter/ejector Late two piece interrupter/ejector
intejc1pc.JPG (20336 bytes) intejc2pc.JPG (23557 bytes)
Early (except Tula) magazine body/trigger guard
one piece milled tang and feed ramp
"small" trigger hole with no slope front and minimal slope rear
floorplate latch screw hole does not penetrate to inside
Late magazine body/trigger guard
two piece welded tang and feed ramp
"large" trigger hole with slope front and dramatic slope rear
floorplate latch screw hole penetrates to inside
mag001a.JPG (19494 bytes) mag002a.JPG (18789 bytes)
mag001b.JPG (24994 bytes) mag002b.JPG (25200 bytes)
Early Tula magazine body/trigger guard
"medium" trigger hole with slope front and minimal slope rear
Finnish modified trigger hole for M27 type trigger
widened and lengthened with reverse slope at front
mag003b.JPG (28871 bytes) mag004b.JPG (23294 bytes)
Early floorplate/follower carrier assembly Late floorplate/follower carrier assembly
floorplate002b.JPG (10701 bytes) floorplate001b.JPG (11806 bytes)
floorplate002c.JPG (5171 bytes) floorplate001c.JPG (5687 bytes)
Early follower carrier spring Late follower carrier spring
carrierspring001.JPG (6010 bytes) carrierspring002.JPG (6062 bytes)
Milled follower, typical Stamped follower, produced briefly at Tula in early WWII
followermilled.JPG (8890 bytes) followerstamped.JPG (9195 bytes)
Milled floorplate, typical Stamped floorplate, produced briefly in WWII
floorplatemilleda.JPG (18220 bytes) floorplatestampeda.JPG (24524 bytes)
floorplatemilledb.JPG (17527 bytes) floorplatestampedb.JPG (15867 bytes)
floorplatemilledc.JPG (23171 bytes) floorplatestampedc.JPG (21702 bytes)
Early floorplate latch Late floorplate latch
floorplatelatchearly.JPG (8065 bytes) floorplatelatchlate.JPG (7516 bytes)
Early (Chatellerault) checkered floorplate Non-standard checkered floorplate
floorplatechecked002.JPG (7843 bytes) floorplatechecked001.JPG (8025 bytes)
Typical magazine body Finnish modified "HV" (jamb free) magazine body
magruss.JPG (49180 bytes) magfinn.JPG (82560 bytes)
Early Russian/Soviet Nose Cap
squared off front end
Late Soviet Nose Cap
rounded front end
nosecapearly.JPG (4850 bytes) nosecaplate.JPG (5021 bytes)
Remington Nose Cap
semi-rounded front end
Remington Nose Cap
"circle R" arsenal mark
nosecapRem01.JPG (13750 bytes) nosecapRem02.JPG (5936 bytes)
Early M27 two piece nose cap
M27nose2pcfront.jpg (15281 bytes) M27nose2pcside.JPG (33091 bytes)
Late M27 one piece nose cap with "popsicle sticks" reinforcement upgrade
M27nose1pcfront.JPG (18322 bytes) M27nose1pcside.JPG (65915 bytes)
Early M28 two piece nose cap Late M28 and M28/30 one piece nose cap
M28nosecap2piece.JPG (14167 bytes) M28nosecap1piece.JPG (13706 bytes)
M28/30 barrel sleeve, handgaurd removed M28/30 cleaning rod retaining nut
M2830sleeve.JPG (30339 bytes) M2830retnut.JPG (58744 bytes)
M39 cleaning rod retaining nut, reversible front to back and top to bottom, loose fitting in stock
rodnut003a.JPG (4252 bytes) rodnut003b.JPG (5430 bytes)
M91, early M91/30 rod nut, tapered hole in front only,
hole in top threaded to receive nose cap screw to aid in removing nut
Late M91/30, M38, M44 rod nut, tapered hole in front only,
hole in top threaded to receive nose cap screw to aid in removing nut
rodnut001a.JPG (4611 bytes) rodnut001b.JPG (4568 bytes) rodnut001c.JPG (3112 bytes) rodnut002a.JPG (3368 bytes) rodnut002b.JPG (4209 bytes) rodnut002c.JPG (2816 bytes)
M91 rod nut with no "stem"

(picture courtesy "Three Js")

rodnut004.jpg (11220 bytes)
Finn Stepped Barrel, M24 or M91
1901.jpg (13404 bytes)
M27 Bolt Connector Wings M27 Bolt without Connector Wings
M27connectorwings.JPG (6632 bytes) M27connectornowings.JPG (6825 bytes)
M27 Receiver Wing Slots M27slots.JPG (5452 bytes)
Barrel thread plug
Found on early receivers
Used to add grease to the threads to facilitate barrel removal
barrelthreadplug.JPG (13732 bytes)

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